Publication of Proposed Research Definitions for Pediatric DR-TB

April 12, 2013

seddon paper thumbnailWe are delighted to announce and share a new resource emerging from our network’s collaboration, “Consensus Statement on Research Definitions for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Children.” The paper was published online in the Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society yesterday and the full reference is below. It was written by a Sentinel Project Task Force led by James Seddon. The aim of this paper is to advance a consistent terminology for use in research that we hope will result in more comparable data about children with DR-TB which can lead to more efficient syntheses and collective learning.

We also want to thank Professors Anneke Hesseling and Simon Schaaf of Stellenbosch University who provided funds to cover the costs of making this article immediately ‘Open Access.’

Full reference: Seddon JA, Perez-Velez CM, Schaaf HS, Furin JJ, Marais BJ, Tebruegge M, Detjen A, Hesseling AC, Shah S, Adams LV, Starke JR, Swaminathan S, Becerra MC, on behalf of the Sentinel Project on Pediatric Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis. Consensus statement on research definitions for drug-resistant tuberculosis in children. Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, first published online April 10, 2013. doi:10.1093/jpids/pit012

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