Being Brave: Stories of Children with DR-TB

Currently, the number of children affected and killed by drug-resistant TB (DR-TB), an entirely man-made phenomena resulting from inadequately treating TB, is unknown. Yet even the most accurate numbers could not capture the suffering and injustices facing children with DR-TB worldwide.

In March 2012, one of the Sentinel Project task forces, led by Erica Lessem, published a collection of short stories and photos, entitled “Being Brave.”  This collection is available for download at the link below.

This task force is currently finalizing a new collection of stories to be published on World TB Day – March 24, 2013.

These stories were contributed by organizations treating children with DR-TB in diverse settings. The stories pay tribute to the thousands of children who, with the help of dedicated health care providers and family members, have fought and overcome DR-TB.

The deadline to submit a story for inclusion in the 2013 publication has passed, however, you can submit a story at ANY TIME to be featured on the website. The link to the submission instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Countries with stories of children with DR-TB

View stories by region:

Stories from Eurasia

Yousra – Pakistan

Anna – Pakistan

Luka, Giorgi, and Maryam – Georgia

Sonnu – India

Stories from Africa

Molahlehi – Lesotho

Maleshoane – Lesotho

Naleli – Lesotho

Mercy – Uganda

Fetene – Ethiopia

Thabo – South Africa

Lesedi – South Africa

Pak – South Africa

Stories from the Americas

Juan – Peru

Cristina – Peru

Dayana – Peru

José – Peru

Lucia – Peru

Nazhira – Peru

Click below to view selected stories as a downloadable PDF:

Stories of Children with DR-TB

Click below to contribute the story of a child with DR-TB:

Contribute A Story

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